Travelling on St Clare with Wightlink

9E0F1012-9A18-4F18-8957-D78A585F0AF5St Clare is a modern ferry travelling from Gunwharf in Portsmouth to Fishboune Isle of Wight and vice versa.  Like it’s sister ferries the embarkation process of this ship is seamless. You show your online booking document and are guided to a parking line. The staff efficiently guide drivers on and off to a safe parking spot and once parked you are free to explore this modern vessel.

St Clare has fine examples of modern art on its walls but the real picture of seeing the Solent is best seen from one of the cosy cushioned chairs sat facing one of the floor to ceiling windows. There are sundecks to catch the rays or catch the The Solent playing host to yachts and cargo ships. There are areas to sit if travelling with dogs and play areas for children.

The ferry is scrupulously clean and refreshments are available, my only complaint is the the journey at forty five minutes is far too short!

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