Environmentally friendly practise in tourism and travel.

46F803EE-67CD-4E55-A3DF-D7195CD8690CComing  across the eco loos in Brading and Winchester got me to thinking about other environmental practises I have seen whilst travelling.

The obvious features to mention are the reuse of towels and bed linen …I’m sure most people do not change their bed linen and towels each day at home so why expect it when travelling.

Some Hotels use refillable toiletries which saves on wasted products and packaging. I have been to Hotels where they change the small tablets of soap daily…. quite unnecessary when the same guests are staying for a few days.

Hotel door keys/cards trigger the lights/plugs etc so that electricity isn’t being wasted whilst the room isn’t being used.

Other establishments will mention which cleaning products they use and of course many accommodation providers, restaurants and cafes use locally sourced food and locally sourced labour.

Good environmental practise should not be confused with ecotourism but it’s good to see it’s becoming the norm and not the unusual. Have you come across any other great environmentally friendly travel features?

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