Journey from Taylor’s Hill to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

3BC15F8C-1BCC-4A7C-BD65-A91FC510DC62Taylor’s Hill is a converted tea planter’s house designed for traveller’s who like a little luxury. I left Taylor’s Hill when the raining was falling so everywhere looked washed clean and newly bright as my private driver carefully negotiated the bends on the narrow hills descending into Kandy.

The distance in total from Taylor’s to Colombo is less than 90 miles so one would expect a two hour trip in the UK however as roads are poor and congested our journey with one stop off took close on five. No I’m not complaining as Lal our driver kept us entertained and added to our knowledge about his island as we passed places of interest.

The first forty minutes was especially slow as this was the downward spiral to a flatter landscape as we neared Kandy. We passed many places worth a stop such as – IMG_1395

Other points of interest along the way included the large pink buildings and neatly kept lawns of the university, dozens of small chaotic towns with shops and street stalls selling fruit, clothing, tyres and hot food. The cashew nut village is well worth a pitstop for some Ceylon tea and of course a bag of nuts.

IMG_1945As we entered the larger towns so the roads filled with buses and tuk tuks, very few roads have pavements so crowds of people swarm the sides whether they are shopping, gossiping or being called to prayer. There is a constant beeping of horns and we even passed a few elephants being led along their streets getting ready for the  Kandy summer ceremonies.

As we arrived in Colombo we caught sight of the newly built lotus flower building, not yet open for visitors but dazzling a shiny pink like a beacon heralding the end of our journey.

2 thoughts on “Journey from Taylor’s Hill to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

  1. Sounds like a great cultural experience, something totally outside our normal daily lives. I love elephants so the elephant nursery sounds interesting.

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