…..and the best toilets award goes to Brading, Isle of Wight.




The Grey Traveller?  doesn’t often give awards and not least to toilets but I must highly commend the public toilets in Brading for being environmentally friendly and  providing the nicest spending a penny experience.46F803EE-67CD-4E55-A3DF-D7195CD8690C.jpeg

The toilets are eco loos, the Isle of Wight relies on water from the mainland so Brading council are doing their bit to conserve water with their eco loo  toilets  as well as incorporating other environmentally friendly features such as using natural light and buffering the building with low maintenance vegetation.

inside the toilets are extremely well maintained and display pictures. I hope other councils when renewing facilities take Brading’s lead, well done The Isle of Wight.

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