Turning Left Around The World by David C Moore

C35AD781-C5C1-4554-8A2C-21FFA87F96F2A man after my own heart, clearly born to turn left and why not if you can afford it? After all when you reach a certain age comfort is right there at the top of the criteria list for silver wanderlust.

David and Helene embark on a trip of a lifetime making use of local guides, more than decent accommodation and of course first class travel. They had more or less stuck pins in a map of the places they wanted to see and Audley Travel did them proud by creating a unique itinerary to suit their needs.

As both a passionate traveller and geographer I love the geographical references to seismic activity and the like such as the Chilean earthquake tracker…. yes earthquakes are far more frequent than we might like to think!

Not only is the account of his travels amusing but it contained lots of interesting facts and tips one of which I will take on board when visiting Machu Pichu ……. hire a guide and he will queue for you in bus lines whilst you grab a coffee and people watch. Thanks David I will try to remember that one.

We’ve all had emotional moments where the wonder in front of us makes us speechless but for Helene they are Magic Kingdom moments …..what a lovely description David! I had a Magic Kingdom moment on the Great Barrier Reef and in Monument Valley so I know just what you mean.

It was lovely for me to revisit Asia and Australia through David’s ‘eyes’ and make me just that little bit wistful, but hats off David for going down the Cu Chi tunnels, although I don’t usually suffer from claustrophobia I didn’t fancy getting trapped in that humidity! but you got further than me!

The book left me wanting more……. I do hope David and Helene do a ‘sequel’ there is definitely more of the world to explore and I for one would enjoy reading it if anything like this first book. Well done David for making me smile a lot, making me jealous just a little and reminding me to hold that dream.

Published by Mirador and can be purchased here

Postscript to Helene ……. so with you on the durian fruit, there is no way that I would travel with it in a car!

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