Six things to do in Colombo, Sri Lanka

902F4633-0BC0-4364-AECB-75E7F7BD4173Two days and two nights is enough time to sample Sri Lanka’s capital city. A taxi on the expressway will get you in and out of the city quickly and a tuk tuk will take you around the city hotspots if there isn’t enough time to walk. Here are six things to keep you busy.

  1. Take a walk round the busy neighbourhood of Pettah and buys some souvenirs. See the fabulous……
  2. Al Masjidh Al Jamiul Alfar mosque with its red and cream striped exterior.
  3. Not far away is the Floating village and from here you will get great views of the new lotus flower sky scraper building….not complete yet but stunning none the less.
  4. Wander the Old Dutch Hospital, buy classy gifts and people watch from one of the outside bars.
  5. Take a ride in a tuk tuk if you haven’t done this before.
  6. Walk along Galle Face Green and watch the waves crash onto the beach, sip a cocktail at the Galle Face Hotel as the sunsets over the Indian Ocean.

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