Deltota, Sri Lanka

9081A477-27B5-4AAD-A82D-91084DF59985The Grey Traveller got the opportunity to explore Deltota when staying at Taylor’s Hill a nearby tea planter’s house.

Busy even on a Sunday morning this small town welcomed us as we wandered its two main streets. …it seemed we were the centre of attention. We looked in shop windows and shook people’s hands as clearly not many travellers stop here. Colourful buildings, colourful people and plenty of bananas to buy in this town perched amongst tea fields.

On the outskirts is a Singhalese school and during the week we had seen many teenage children dressed in white wait for buses to reach it. The bus station hosted a row of blue Leyland buses and tuk tuks lined the streets hoping to find custom on this particularly wet day. On these slopes the weather is often a little cooler and little wetter than its neighbour Kandy. 

We heard the call to prayer and stood back as many local gents wended their way to the jade green mosque at the top of the town. Although mainly a Muslim area we watched as some construction workers continued building a buddhist temple. We were beckoned through a bright yellow entrance to watch a little closer. No health and safety rules here!

Bananas and packets of crisps hang from string outside shops where samosas are cooked or flip flops sold. Dogs roam the streets, electric cables hang and wobble and women in bright coloured sari’s do their shopping.

We could not have been more welcomed anywhere in the world, thank you people of Deltota.

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