Pettah, Colombo

Jam packed, wall to wall shops and stalls selling to the world and his wife a case load of genuine fakes, beautiful and gaudy fabrics for sari’s and toys, clothing, food and everything in between. Close to Fort Railway station this little neighbourhood is worth a visit.

Fort Railway Station is no doubt a colonial legacy with its broad white facade taking the traveller to all points east, west, north and south of Sri Lanka. It flanks the periphery of Pettah and the floating market and is lined with green and red tuk tuks keen to take the tourist on a trip of a life time round the Sri Lankan capital for 500 Sri Lankan rupees.

If you look out for Second Cross Street this will give you a taste of Pettah and at the same time lead you to the imposing Al Masjidha Al Jamiul Alfar Mosque. Striped red and white a truly imposing building rising out of the chaos that is Pettah. You can not necessarily enter depending on time of day but just seeing the exterior is reward enough.

Take care it feels like a tuk tuk will run over your feet or a car nudge you in the rear as the alley ways are so narrow, but take a look and join in the chaos that is Pettah.


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