Old Colombo Dutch Hospital

FC16AD1B-D6D4-49D6-A9C6-F8FA5CD2C9D7The Dutch Hospital is located in the Colombo One district of the city; not far from the lighthouse and harbour. It seems to have been regenerated for the tourists and is now a small shopping and eating area. Fairly upscale with a spa and shops such as Barefoot.

05BB1B01-1EFB-45E5-BB84-F9D8432BC942.jpegThe central plaza is wide open and there are a few art installations such as a large brightly painted elephant. There are plenty of tuks tuks to transport you from any area around the city.

The famous Ministry of Crab bookends the north side of the plaza, sadly the day we visited tables were limited as sea conditions meant very little fish haul.

The Dutch Pub is a great place to people watch or try a local gin and tonic.



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