Taylor’s Hill, Sri Lanka

460058A8-B833-487D-A3B2-51077AB866EA.jpegPerched high on a hill overlooking tea plantations this grand house has been successfully reinvented as a boutique hotel part of the Manor House Concepts stable of luxury travel accommodation. Originally a coffee plantation house it eventually became home to James Taylor a tea planter and it is now leased to Manor House Concepts. The nearest town is Deltota and we enjoyed a visit there wandering the streets and watching a Buddhist pagoda being constructed.

It looks like a brick built English manor house and is reached by a steep and winding road from Kandy. The grounds are exquisitely maintained and terrace down to an infinity pool and spa area and like it’s sister The Kandy House the pool is the icing on the cake. Gardens are full of roses, poppies, salvia and marigolds and there are plenty of outdoor seats and chairs to sit outside and enjoy the views.

We were warmly welcomed to a lounge reception area richly decorated in burnt orange and turquoise; we were brought some cinnamon tea before being shown round the grounds, the hotel and our room Pattiyagama named after a local plantation. The lounge was an ideal location to swap traveller’s tales with others and enjoy a log fire if temperatures dropped. Being high it is likely to be cooler than Kandy.

The room was huge and sported a large bed, soft chairs and led to a twin room which would be ideal for families. Large windows meant we could make the most of the stunning views.

A small separate room housed a large wardrobe with a safe and onward to a large bathroom serviced with white fluffy towels and good quality toiletries.

Room rate included breakfast with both local and western choices, afternoon tea which could be taken in the grounds, orangery or other communal rooms and dinner which always had a choice of two starters and two mains.

If not walking the grounds, treks can be taken through local villages and a visit to the local tea factory is must.

Sri Lankan massages can be arranged and children will be entertained by an indoor games room, tv, dvds, tennis courts, croquet and of course the pool and WiFi is available.  The journey takes about an hour and  half from Kandy but the trip is so worthwhile.

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