Five Reasons to fly Emirates Business Class – Heathrow to Dubai.

  1. IMG_2673Collection from home to Heathrow with return trip if in designated distance using Tristar chauffeur services.
  2. Fast track check in at Heathrow.
  3. Use of Emirates lounge at Heathrow.
  4. Enjoy being seated upstairs on the A380 and being shown to your own ‘pod’ where you have a flat bed massage seat with soft drinks mini bar. First class entertainment with a large screen and ‘iPad’ style operator. Champagne is served whilst waiting for take off. Double locker space under the window which means reaching for your personal items is so much easier than jumping up and down to overhead lockers which of course are there for your use if you choose. Personal service from staff  and a Bvlgari amenities kit if flying overnight. (The best kit that I have ever experienced!)
  5. Emirates Lounge in Dubai is huge offering a wide range of eating experiences from casual to fine dining, there is even an ice cream ‘van’. A range of bars offering the widest choice of alcohol and a designated champagne area. There are quiet seats and areas to sleep. I certainly wished that I had more than the half hour I had when flying onward to Sri Lanka

4 thoughts on “Five Reasons to fly Emirates Business Class – Heathrow to Dubai.

  1. Sounds luxurious but we just couldn’t afford to go business class. Never even seen in a business class cabin, one day maybe when we get left a bagful of cash by a long-lost relative. Sounds wonderful though.

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