Five things to do in Kandy


Kandy is the second city in Sri Lanka and often seen as the cultural hub of the island; it is busy, you don’t see people smoking on the streets and everyone I met was helpful and friendly.

I chose to have a private driver when visiting and most of these ideas are his and I am grateful to his suggestions.

  1. Temple of the Tooth Relic, probably the most popular attraction in the city and the busiest; make your visit count by checking opening and blessing ceremony times. Can be very busy during a blessing. The temple is on Kandy Lake so you can combine a walk round the waters edge. When you have finished your visit walk a few hundred yards to the  –
  2. British Garrison Cemetery and what I have dubbed a little bit of England in Old Ceylon. Tiny graveyard well looked after by locals who have many stories to tell about those that are buried here.06111530-962B-417A-99A2-7E4E83386CE7
  3. Get the lay of the land by going to Kandy View Point, great to take in a drink or a meal at one of the local hotels early evening to watch the sun go down and the lights turn on. You might even catch a glimpse of the large Buddha on the hills opposite.
  4. Experience a  Sri Lankan massage – research recommended local centres or splurge at a hotel’s spa.
  5. My favourite is the Royal Botanic Gardens,very welcome break from the hustle of the Kandy city streets. Well maintained and a highlight for me was seeing the monkeys living freely in the trees close to the river.

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