My experience of Sri Lankan massage

IMG_1638Never one to miss an opportunity or new experience I was keen to try a Ayerveda massage in Sri Lanka in fact I tried three and the experiences were all very different.

  1. Wedegedara was a place our private driver took us to, on the slopes outside of Kandy we (husband and I )were quickly shown through to a twin room where we asked to remove clothing except for underwear and there we had a gentle full body massage using a lot of oil.  Apparently there were three different types of oil but I couldn’t distinguish between any of them. You are seated for a head, temples and shoulder massage and a word of warning your hair will be very oily so plan to go back to your accommodation to shower afterwards. I didn’t and ended up sitting in a restaurant feeling and looking a mess! The rest of the body massage is completed on a bed and the whole experience topped off with a lie in a coffin shaped steam bath for ten minutes. This cost about £25 and lasted for seventy minutes. Personally I wouldn’t return for this one.
  2. The second massage was a foot and leg experience at The Kandy House where Walter a gentleman of sixty and of Dutch Burgher origin gave me a deep massage with oil. The spa is open but private and looks out over the rice fields and the only sounds are likely to be bird song. Walter is the Kandy rugby team’s masseuse so I knew I was in for a great treat. Whilst my rugby days are clearly over! the hard skin on my feet disappeared with the continual massage and good quality oils used. Yes I would return without a doubt.
  3. Well have I saved the best for last? well that will be down to your opinion and attitude about massage……. this time the massage was with a young gentleman at Taylor’s Hill. I was asked if I minded a male masseuse before the experience. The massage was completed with just briefs on and involved a deep massage with a long sweeping technique over entire body including buttocks and breasts. In sensitive areas the masseuse always asked if I wanted that area included.

The two hotel massages were more expensive as the masseuse comes on request and needs to travel from Kandy. If I had to choose I would pick Walter as a favourite followed closely by the gent at Taylor’s Hill. The Sri Lankan experience is much gentler than a Cambodian or Thai massage.

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