Royal Botanic Garden,Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

A0656392-6B8B-44AE-93DE-083F5BEFC83E.jpegHugging a massive tree I was amazed at what this parkland had to offer. Extremely well kept and maintained and offering many hours of entertainment for just 1500 Sri Lankan rupees (£7).

Highlights for me –

  • Opportunity to stretch our legs in a peaceful location away from traffic and tuk tuks
  • Royal Palm Avenue
  • Seeing different types of bamboo
  • Watching the adult monkeys carry their babies just a few feet away
  • Riverside views (Mahaweli River)
  • Seeing hundreds of hanging fruit bats

Plants are labelled and information about species and animals is detailed and in English. There are specialist areas for orchids and grasses for example, benches to sit on and refreshments available.

Periadeniya is close to Kandy and recommended by the staff at The Kandy House and our private driver, Lal dropped us off by the entrance gates and waited for our return.

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