Eating at The Kandy House in Sri Lanka

One of the highlights of my Sri Lankan trip were the buffalo smoothies made by the staff at The Kandy House. Thick and creamy with either strawberry or pineapple to flavour, refreshing after sightseeing and a challenge to make them last!

The food at Kandy (in my opinion) was a fusion of Sri Lankan and European which suited me just fine.

Breakfast timings were generous allowing you to eat early if travelling to the cultural triangle for example or late if you just wanted to relax. (7am to 10am) Dining was on the verandah which meant you had that fantastic backdrop of verdant lush jungle foliage and the sound of the birds as the accompaniment to your meal.

Choices at breakfast were Sri Lankan such as hoppers and curry or Western and the highlights for me were –

  • Coconut pancakes with lemon butter
  • Fruit platter which included papaya, pineapple, bananas and mango.
  • Passionfruit yogurt, fruit and granola.
  • Poached eggs on rocket

….and there was of course  bacon, sausages and eggs cooked to order. ………all washed down with Ceylon tea or coffee.

Pre dinner there is a good choice of cocktails including The Kandy House special – a gin based drink with pineapple juice.

The local Sri Lankan gin was served with tonic in a small jug and can be recommended!

Dinner was 3900 Sri Lankan rupees (£17) which included canapés, a choice of two starters and two mains and a dessert. Very good value and first class quality. Although not a lover of curry myself I did enjoy the vegetable curries. On the ‘special’ curry nights, many plates of curry were served including chicken, fish, pineapple, coconut, dahl and rice.

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