Floating village in Pettah, Colombo

IMG_1919.JPGThis area does not seemed to have developed to its possible potential. There is nothing floating apart from plastic waste but there are a couple of souvenir shops and bars. It’s worth a walk along the lagoon area to see the pelicans flying and perching on the lamp posts, the herons nesting and the monitor lizards swimming.

It’s also near to the Fort Railway station which is also worth a look. White imposing facade and just like many landmarks in Colombo busy with tuk tuk drivers, taxi’s and mopeds.

This area fronts the busy Pettah streets full of shops selling to the world and his wife from sari’s to boxer shorts, watches and toys and everything in between. Very hot, busy and dusty and I only managed about half an hour of exploring but at least I can say I tried!

Loved the energy and colour but was concerned about being knocked over by tuk tuks and delivery vehicles!

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