Lost Luggage!

Have you ever arrived somewhere without your luggage? We did recently in Colombo, Sri Lanka after a very tight connection in Dubai. However we were not too phased by this as the desk staff were extremely helpful and ‘promised’ its arrival a few hours later on the same day……………………………erm well it didn’t turn up and […]

Casa Heliconia, Sri Lanka.

Arriving at  Casa Heliconia  after a long haul flight and without suitcases was nectar to our weary, slightly dishevelled selves. We were greeted by Simon and Josef with damp cloths and fresh watermelon juice and promises that they would sort our lack of   luggage problem and telephone the airport at regular intervals. Casa Heliconia is a series […]

Roupell and Pearman Street, London

Whilst watching Season 2 Unforgotten from ITV collection I spotted or at least I think I did, Roupell and Pearman Streets in Southwark, London. Roupell Street being one of the nicest London Streets I have come across when walking from Waterloo to the Shard. Terraced flat fronted houses in a mid brown and many decorated with flower baskets, […]