Gale Face Green, Colombo

5998C5A3-838E-4075-9881-2EFFF40538D7Walking north from the fine Gale Face Hotel there is a wide promenade abutting the Green. A local told us that this area was once used by the British for horse racing but today is used by local families to fly brightly coloured kites.

The hotel is in a prime location and the bar and restaurant offer relaxation, fine dining and a fabulous sunset, clearly a place The Grey Traveller will be heading on my next trip to Colombo.

There are a few stalls and a snake charmer otherwise walkers are not bothered by tuk tuks or vendors until you reach the the roadway.

The Indian Ocean crashes onto the beach where we watched families paddle in groups and play ball. There were no swimmers on the day I visited.

As the green area fades so the big hotels rise up and it is clear that foreign investment is making its mark with adverts for shopping malls, offices and more hotel space. Land is being reclaimed no doubt to accommodate this expansion.

You will eventually reach a port area but turn east and you will find the Dutch Hospital complex for a drink and light shopping!

Gale Face is a good spot to avoid the crowded streets and to get a little cool breeze if the city heat gets too much.


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