Cartes Postales by Victoria Hyslop

106C5B7E-BB68-4325-85ED-ED20351963F8What could be better than reading a book that inspires you to travel when you are already a  wanderluster….?

I did just that recently when in Casa Heliconia, Sri Lanka.

It had been some years since I had read Victoria Hyslop’s The Island so kicking my heels and awaiting the airline to deliver my Lost Luggage I was pleased to discover a copy of Cartes Postales at my Sri Lankan accomodation.

My only experience of Greece is a two week package to Corfu over thirty years ago and of course the TV programme The Durrells. Victoria’s description of the friendliness and welcome that the Greeks give has inspired me to update my Greek travels and to visit in the not too distant future.

…….and so the story begins with Ellie receiving a series of brightly coloured postcards from ‘A’ who is travelling across Greece. Clearly these postcards are meant for someone else.  A few months pass and the cards dry up but with holiday time looming and nothing planned Ellie books a trip to Greece. On the day of departure she receives a parcel from ‘A’ which turns out to be a book of short stories of tales that ‘A’ has collected on his travels. These tales have been told to him by locals who he has talked to in the towns and villages which he has found himself in.

Ellie reads the stories each evening on her holiday balcony with a glass of wine after a day of sunbathing and exploring the local town.

Meantime the reader gets to know Greece, its traditions, history and culture and it certainly inspired this reader to renew my friendship with the country.

Without giving too much away Ellie finds ‘A’ to return his book to him.

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