Kaleliya, Sri Lanka – photoblog

We found ourselves in the lovely area of Kaleliya (Western province) staying at Casa Heliconia a series of pavilions on the edge of the village surrounded by rice fields and overlooked by a pure white pagoda.

Wandering off the property we were soon greeted by locals and children playing in the fields, most of them on school holidays and enjoying playing with kites. In each field there seemed to be a solitary cow chewing the grass and flicking his tail to rid himself of flies.

Where ever we walked everyone smiled and said hello, one little boy of about twelve said ‘good morning’ with perfect English ‘upper class’ diction.

Palm trees, rice growing and gorgeous heliconias edge the pathways. Tuks tuks toot and mopeds hoot not in annoyance that someone is on the road but just to let you know they are there and they too expect a wave and a smile.

Houses are colourful as are the ladies in their saris, but one thing is for sure their smiles are the brightest and this like the rest of the country which we visited is welcoming to visitors.

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