Lost Luggage!


Have you ever arrived somewhere without your luggage? We did recently in Colombo, Sri Lanka after a very tight connection in Dubai. However we were not too phased by this as the desk staff were extremely helpful and ‘promised’ its arrival a few hours later on the same day……………………………erm well it didn’t turn up and as we were staying in the middle of nowhere and without any shops close by we were rather at the mercy of the airline.

Fortunately our kindly accommodation providers (Casa Heliconia) made several phone calls on our behalf but twenty fours hours later we were still waiting.

So no change of clothes, no swimming costume to use the beautiful pool at Casa Heliconia, no sunscreen and biggest problem of all….no insect repellent and he who likes to think he is obeyed got badly bitten.

Eventually arrived about thirty four hours later! I know other travellers have been without luggage for much longer but what would you miss the most if your bags were delayed?

6 thoughts on “Lost Luggage!

  1. A friend of mine lost his luggage on the way to an island beach holiday with his wife. He asked her to look into her suitcase and see if she had anything suitbale he could wear. She was doubtful as she was 5ft and he 6ft but she managed to find an oversized T Shirt that she had planned to use as a nightdress. According to him, for the next three days he had to wear to T shirt every day as they played on the sands. The slogan on the T shirt read: QUEEN OF THE BEACH

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