Casa Heliconia, Sri Lanka.

6B510110-C4AC-4873-A4EE-D04D54C58E5B.jpegArriving at  Casa Heliconia  after a long haul flight and without suitcases was nectar to our weary, slightly dishevelled selves. We were greeted by Simon and Josef with damp cloths and fresh watermelon juice and promises that they would sort our lack of   luggage problem and telephone the airport at regular intervals.

Casa Heliconia is a series of pavilions set in a rural location a forty five minute drive northeast of the international airport. Nearest village is Webadmulla, Kaleliya   It accommodates just two couples with a pavilion each. We enjoyed a stay at the Angkor room with its  high ceilings, large bed with mosquito net and plenty of room for storage should we have had our luggage! Unusual artefacts decorate both rooms and grounds; it’s a place to explore.

The shower was outside where water pours into a large cauldron and you rinse yourself off with a jug, toiletries are supplied. Plenty of areas to rest and recuperate both around our pavilion or by the superb infinity pool overlooking surrounding countryside.

Casa Heliconia is a place to unwind at the beginning or end of a Sri Lankan trip, a place where you can just sit and relax or swim or enjoy a short walk locally. (Heliconia is a brightly coloured tropical plant and found across the island.)

8C850509-847A-4971-9421-42298BB8020CBoth breakfast and dinner were served on our own verandah and the food was heaven. We enjoyed a deep green peppery soup, chicken stufffed with mushrooms and banana flambé………a choice of local or western style breakfast with the necessary Ceylon tea.

……and yes Simon and Josef were as good as their word and chased our luggage… did arrive a day and a half after ourselves but hey isn’t that the joys of travelling?

Casa Heliconia was one of several accommodations which we stayed at in Sri Lanka, they are operated by Manor House Concepts

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