Reasons to choose Emirates lounge, T3 Heathrow, London.

3992E57C-0E17-43CD-9528-D3FF84A8D50EBooking Business Class with Emirates means a seamless journey with Tristar chauffeur services from home to Heathrow and return and a comfortable wait in the very peaceful Emirates lounge.

  1. I always think that your arrival time in the lounge can make a difference to your wait, with this in mind I found my self arriving at the same time as dinner was served…… my luck was definitely in!
  2. The Laurent Perrier certainly helped the shepherds pie and green beans  go down well. Shepherds pie was exactly that a lamb and mince serving in a pie crust. It was piping hot and wonderfully tasty. Of course there were other choices of both hot and cold food, salads and desserts with a wide range of soft drinks, wines and beers….. one of the best food areas which I have seen in an airport lounge.
  3. The dining area was comfortable and the lounge area had the requisite squashy armchairs with floor to ceiling views of craft getting ready to take off. Staff are courteous and clear away dirty plates and cups quickly.
  4. Decor was subtle shades of taupe and cream making a calming start to anyone’s journey, some flights boarded directly from the lounge meaning another seamless transition from home to destination.
  5. Superb range of newspapers and magazines to while away time if needed.

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