10 reasons to choose The Dorchester for afternoon tea in London.

IMG_4376An English custom is to take afternoon tea. A celebration or experience can be no better enjoyed than doing just that at  The Promenade in The Dorchester Hotel.

Park Lane, Mayfair to many of us is an address which is just a purple stopping off point on a Monopoly board but this English lady with a lower case L can now say I have so been there and done that! Park Lane, Mayfair is where I found myself dropping my jaw at the cars parked upfront and smiling at the slew of doormen waiting to welcome me in.

The Promenade is a continuation of the grand foyer bedecked in hydrangea, resplendent sofas and attentive staff. Here is why you should choose The Dorchester for your afternoon tea experience.

  • Although arriving early we were seated straight away and cushions brought to our chairs.
  • Staff are attentive but not intrusive.
  • We did not feel rushed.
  • Huge range of specialist teas, choice of champagnes and coffees. A tea for cleansing the palette between sandwiches and scones was provided.
  • Extremely comfortable seating, plenty of space and we did not feel like we were jammed into the next table.
  • Extra sandwiches and scones were offered.
  • All food was explained in detail.
  • Doggy bag given for leftovers.
  • Fresh excellent exquisite flavours, superb quality of finger sandwiches, scones,jam, cream and cakes. (Menu below).
  • Gentle piano music later changed to bass and singer, background sounds and not intrusive.

Thank you so much The Dorchester I hope I have reason to return.





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