Waterloo Station, London

img_8459The Grey Traveller has used Waterloo station many times as the gateway for a trip to London. It serves the south of England and is one of several railway hubs across the capital. It lost its international status in recent years as it used to host Eurostar and that priviledge has now moved to  St Pancras 

There is still something about London that I love and I still get that excited feeling as I glimpse the Shard over the rooftops just before the train pulls into the station.

It may not be as glamorous as the gothic St Pancras with its upscale stores and sculptures but I like it. There is everything that a day tripper or traveller needs from a bookstore to cafes and and a fairly (well I think) glamorous bar called The Cabin which overlooks the main concourse.

It has the ubiquitous large clock face to stand under when meeting friends or simply just to see the time.

So Waterloo with it’s grand high ceilings and Victorian facade will do for me every time.

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