Ryde to Seagrove Bay walk -photoblog

DD1A76AF-5603-42F9-A4DD-BA18652904D6.jpegGreat coastal path walk from bustling Ryde to the more genteel neck of the woods which is Seaview and Seagrove Bay. Most of the time we were in sight of the Solent, the forts and Spinnaker Tower although the path takes you inland momentarily where the coast is unsafe to scramble along.

Arriving on the beach via a quick, seamless and efficient  hovercraft trip from Southsea I felt like I was abroad, afterall I was backpacking overnight, island hopping and the English weather is continuing to do us proud at a constant high 20’s. Mainland England seemed a long way away!  FEF67637-0C92-44C0-BCB3-69681F2D77D6.jpeg

 Starting from the Esplanade, Ryde has all the seaside resort characteristics of a funfair, penny arcade, souvenir shops and cafes. As I headed east the paths widen and time begins to slow down.

Appley Park and Puckpool Battery edge the coastal path and it’s worth a wander inland for some shade if needed. Puckpool was once home of the English Army in the early twentieth century and there is still evidence of the heavy guns that once helped to protect Portsmouth Harbour.

B3449B70-62DF-4FDA-A173-99D712731DC5.jpegAs you enter Seaview the villas are large and pastel and the beaches narrow, this is a quiet more genteel area and there are several slipways where local sailors can launch their boats and several hostelries where weary walkers can stop and refresh. I can recommend a  Mermaid Gin and tonic at the Seaview Hotel and fish and chips at The Boathouse.

Transport to the island was courtesy of Hover Travel.


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