Gin on the Tyne, Newcastle

I was a Newcastle virgin ’til recently but I am pleased to report that Newcastle  is a hot bed of gin establishments offering a wide choice and in particular a range of local gins. So gin has been the new trendy kid on the block in recent years but this old kid on the block started drinking gin many years ago. I relish the varieties now available and like to try new distillery offerings and can firmly say that Newcastle does gin proud. After spending a few days and a few evenings tasting gin I am pleased to report the best places to imbibe are ………

AB5BD1A7-D22E-43C5-83DF-339E9A50E9BDThe Gin Palace at The Continental  why? because the staff are so friendly and talkative, the atmosphere sophisticated and it’s in an old bank building in Collingwood Street, not far from the Central Train Station. Mega  range of gins available with tonics and garnish with many special offers. Tried so many hard to come up with a favourite here as they were all my favourites!

Bealim House in Gallowgate  Why? because you can pour Newcastle Gin from a teapot! and have  afternoon tea with it.

Windows on the Tyne at the Hilton. Why?  for great views of the river from the Gateshead side and strawberries and Bloom ………now there’s a good mix!

For even better views of the Tyne, the bridges and The Sage building find a window seat at The Six, Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art’s roof top building. It was here that I was introduced to Marlish Tonic Water a local speciality low on sugar, now that’s a bonus and I want to see it in the south please!

…………….and finally Pleased To Meet You on High Bridge where if the sun is shining the bi folds are open and you can watch the world and her husband walk on by. Top gin tasted here was Williams Chase Orange.


2 thoughts on “Gin on the Tyne, Newcastle

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