Meeting Lee of Northumbrian Images.

me(sm).jpgDropping into a popup indoor market on Lindisfarne I was drawn to a stall of amazing photographs displayed by Lee of Northumbrian Images. I was particularly  taken by the local pictures as my stay on the Holy Isle was characterised by mist and hence poor visibility so I hadn’t achieved any decent pictures of my own. I was impressed by the creativity and skills of Lee and this is what I learned about him……

How long have you been a photographer?

I began learning photography in 2013 & slowly made the transition to professional.

What made you change your career and location?

I was a self employed electrician previously but in January 2013 was admitted to hospital with a very serious illness(Sepsis, multiple organ failure, toxic shock & pneumonia). This eventually led to amputation of my left leg and part of my right foot as well as loss of feeling in my hands amongst many other things. Unable to carry on as a tradesman and wheelchair bound for quite a while I needed a positive direction and took to photography.

What does a usual day look like?
Editing images, ordering photographs, mounting and framing, making cards and visiting outlets to top up stock. Lots of variety but the actual photography is quite a small part of the business.
How do you get that perfect photo?
I’ll never get a perfect photo and will always see ways it could be better another time. It might be technically spot on but there’s always conditions like lighting, sky colours and cloud formations that could be better. As in all arts I think it’s important to never be completely satisfied and this keeps you driving on to improve and be better, otherwise you’re done and reached your limit.
Any favourite places that you enjoy photographing?
I love the magical places like Bamburgh but also really enjoy my animal portraiture.
me bamburghWhat events will you be appearing at in the new few weeks?

I’m at the Barn at Beal on Sat July 14th and 21st ,Bamburgh Pavilion on the 22nd of July and I am really looking forward to The Belford Arts Festival over the Weekend of 28th & 29th July (I’m in the Blue Bell Hotel ballroom). I shall be also be taking my other passion ‘Sculpture’ to Belford, I work in a variety of materials but mostly driftwood & stone & go under the name of ‘Sculpture North’.


How can we purchase your products?


My work can be purchased from ‘The Chantry’ Morpeth, Alnwick Garden’s shop, OneCoffee1 in Seahouses, The Wyndenwell Bamburgh, The Lindisfarne Mead centre and a new location of ‘The Craft Works Gallery’ in Corbridge. I also have a website for purchasing as well as the fairs I attend. I have begun to sell my sculpture work to at and it’s going well.

…..and if you want to learn more about Lee …………..I have a feature on my website that covers more of my story in depth. I also carry out commercial work including food photography, landscape and product photography, I have recently done some photography for Marks & Spencer and Robertson Building Company amongst others. Being up here in Alnwick you have to be versatile to keep the business running so I also do portraiture of families , pets etc when required. I have a large portfolio but being private clients most of it can only be accessed through my client login facility.

Thank you to Lee to agreeing to feature on The Grey Traveller  

and providing the photographs.


2 thoughts on “Meeting Lee of Northumbrian Images.

  1. Lee took fantastic photos of me nd my family along with my dog which were perfect images and a job well done to great satisfaction, I think I may have been one of his earlier customers, as it wasn’t long after his illness that he took my photographs.. he also did electrical work for me before this, and it was very emotional for me and my family to find that he had been through so much without us knowing and being able to give support however little it may have been, so when I learned that he had chosen to study photography from his hospital bed, I had no doubt in his capabilities…. well done Lee! You’ve told me so many stories of your struggles along the way which I won’t divulge on here, your an extremely brave yet inspiring man, and I take my hat off to you young sir!! You deserve everything now , all the best Lee 💕

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