Kensington and Chelsea, London – photoblogi

Classy crescents, squares and mews streets makes a walk round Kensington and Chelsea very photogenic; topped up with some unusual sunshiny English weather and blue skies this made taking photos a dream. Some of the top photogenic stops for me were…… Kendrick Mews Reece Mews Manson Mews Clareville Street Royal British Society of Sculptors Stanhope […]

English heatwave!

The recent weather in England has stunned most people it certainly has me………. It feels like weeks since we have had any rain or cool days. I would be interested in knowing if this has affected the UK economy either positively or negatively. We have had to use a lot of resources to combat fires but […]

Royal British Society of Sculptors

  The Grey Traveller whilst wandering aimlessly about Old Brompton Road in Kensington happened upon an architectural delight which turned out to be the home of The Royal British Society of Sculptors. On showing some interest I was welcomed in and able to view the latest exhibition free of charge. This is some of what I […]

Train rant

Travelling by train is usually relaxing especially when travelling long distance, no worries about traffic congestion, getting lost or parking, but…….. why do other people have to – Put their feet on seats? Other people have to sit on them! Talk slash shout so that everyone can hear? – this often but not exclusively so […]

Where is Brendan Rendall?

Who? I met Brendan just over two years ago when I was volunteering at FISS (FOMO Independent Senior School) in Mulanje, Malawi. At that time he was preparing to run the length of Malawi to raise funds for a much needed art and science block for the school. He was supported by Emma Timmis and he raised the money he […]

Peggy Porschen Cafe, Belgravia – London

I had seen the blissfully perfect facade of the Peggy Porschen cafe on Pinterest and decided I needed to see it for myself when next in London. I was not disappointed when I walked through Belgravia and found it there gushing out its loveliness on the corner of Ebury and Elizabeth Streets. Pastel pink icing on the cake with flowers decorating every possible […]