Hulne Park, Alnwick – photoblog

B368410C-8AEC-4773-B678-18EC06DAB884If you enjoy walking you will enjoy a visit to Hulne Park in Alnwick.  Hulne Park belongs to the Duke of Northumberland and is free to visit. Open usually from 11am until sunset and located on the edge of  town.

There are three trails and the longest is about seven miles and takes the walker through the ruins of Hulne Abbey and along by the river. The only steep part of the trail is a short walk up to the abbey if you choose to take that route. At the end of May  I got to see plenty of lambs, carpets of bluebells and colourful rhododendrun as well as wild flower meadows….it made for a great walk.

4 thoughts on “Hulne Park, Alnwick – photoblog

      1. One of the counties in England that we have never visited and we’re desperate to try and remedy that next year. So many places and so little time ………..

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