The Gin Palace at The Continental in Newcastle

227A7E06-DF39-4E3C-A19F-628AE86A6BA1One of the friendliest bar staff that I met in my recent stay in Newcastle was serving at The Gin Palace at The Continental, not only that but the gin cocktails were very reasonable at two for a tenner and the surroundings very sophisticated.

Originally a bank the entrance is rather grand and first sight is the long bar with a backdrop of what seems like a thousand gins! I tried several of their special offers which included the tonic pairing and garnish, a particular favourite was Tanqueray Rangpur with ginger and lime and a close second was Durham Gin with apple slices and basil. At the time I visited I also received some complimentary tapas which included a rich cheesy courgette combo and a chicken in a sauce which was reminiscent of the Caribbean.

Tables are banked with high stools and the stairs leading down to the toilets actually led visitors down to the gin vault. With copper, gold and marble decoration this surely is a spot for gin sophisocrats!

This piece of gin paradise can be found at 29 Collingwood Street not far from Central Station.

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