Wine tasting at the Tinwood Estate, Sussex

BADFDFF2-1162-4542-AE8D-C27E711F3403On an English summer afternoon what could be better than sipping a chilled glass of sparkling wine with a fab view of the Sussex countryside with friends old and new.

The Grey Traveller did just that and joined a group of like minded people at the Tinwood Estate near Chichester, West Sussex.

We were shown around the area where the vines grow and given a talk about the growing process, how the farm was established and how the English weather can make or break a growing season.

Vine growing is labour intensive and the vines  are inspected each day by a small team from the estate. Did you know that a rose is planted at the end of each vine because it is a sensitive plant and if there are any diseases it will show in the rose first……. thus giving a heads up to act accordingly to protect the grapes.

We were then led to a comfortable deck where we sampled three sparkling wines with a cheese platter. Our guide took us through the correct way to taste and told us a little something about how the fizz is produced and why they have tiny bubbles that rise from the centre of the glass…….I won’t give that secret away…… you must visit for yourselves!

What a way to savour an afternoon in the Sussex countryside!

The estate also offers overnight stays in lodges right next to the vine fields.


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