The Parks of Newcastle Upon Tyne


Two centuries ago Lord Armstrong gifted vast areas of parkland to the city of Newcastle, this meant that the ordinary folk who grafted long and hard in the newly industrialising north east England could shake off the grime for just a few hours on a Sunday…..and now city dwellers and tourists can do just the same in the parks of Heaton, Armstrong and Jesmond Dene which are located north of central Newcastle.

In early summer the parks are decorated with the pinks and purples of rhododendron  and fragrant with wild garlic. In Jesmond Dene there are the remains of Armstrong’s banqueting hall and St Mary’s chapel to explore. The parks are worth a visit when you have quenched yourself of city sights and busy streets, they offer quiet benches to rest, quaint bridges and wide paths to walk on and a cafe in which to refresh.

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