Walking in the Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle

EDC01316-D0DE-425A-B651-A41A7E9E70C2Walking eastwards along Quayside in Newcastle you eventually find where the River Ouse meets the Tyne.

There is usually a gaggle of fishing boats on the water and a clear sign to follow the path along the river Ouse through the valley.

An interesting piece of engineering is the first ‘landmark’ and the signs told me that the odd looking metal grip was in fact a barrage no doubt to manage water when there is too much of it. Passing by this there is some bright coloured graffiti on the walls of Maling Street, definitely worth a photo or two before you are seriously on the river path heading north.

Buildings of note along the way include the lime and red brick built toffee factory and Proctor’s Warehouse which has now been converted to house Seven Stories the national centre for children’s books.

As the river disappears conveniently there is stop off point at an art gallery housed in  The Biscuit Factory where entrance is free and a perfect resting point if coffee is needed. The river re emerges close to Heaton Park to the east and for seasoned walkers it’s a great opportunity to explore the parkland of Armstrong, Heaton and Jesmond Dene, a huge area gifted by Lord Armstrong for the Newcastle city dwellers to take in the fresh air and relax away from the city grime. Definitely a walk where you forget that you in a major urban area..



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