Things to do in Mandalay

  • 832A6E64-F3D9-4814-ABDD-09549AA0AC6CTake yourself to Gaw Wein Jetty on a Saturday and watch the local women hang out their colourful washing to dry.
  • Climb Mandalay Hill or take a taxi to the top, hop on the escalators for a fantastic view of the city from Su Taung Pyai Pagoda.
  • Watch the sun set at U Bein bridge in nearby Amarapura.
  • Admire the hand weaving at a Amarapura textile workshop.
  • Kuthodaw Pagoda and the biggest book in the world.
  • Visit a Gold Leaf workshop and watch how the local people press and pack it. Purchase some to offer to buddha in a temple.
  • Vist a bronze casting factory and see their sculptures.
  • Visit a parasol shop.


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