Things to do in Bagan, Myanmar

  • C31AAEDB-5194-4B9F-BA82-E6BE3F483986Most people travel to Bagan to see the mind blowing Bagan Plains, these need to be viewed at different times of the day to see the changing colours and the sun set. There are some raised areas which lend themselves to sun setting scenes. Grab yourself a horse and cart ride to see the temples up close and personal.
  • Visit Bagan market to watch the locals at work and find out a little more about some of the local foods and spices.
  • Htilominlo Temple
  • Kyauk Gu Min Temple
  • Kayminga Pagoda
  • Ananda Temple
  • Shwezigon Pagoda
  • Sulamani Pagoda
  • Lacquerware workshop
  • Watch the boats carry their goods along the Irrawaddy.
  • Visit Bagan Tower for cocktails and Bagan Plain views

Get yourself a local guide such as Khin Nyein Thu – our fantastic Myanmar guide and then you will get the most out of your trip.

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