Green Island, Queensland, Australia ~ photoblog.


Everyone has their own guilty secret and mine is daydreaming about empty white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean. My go to beach dream is Green Island  on the Great Barrier Reef. Oh it’s real alright because I visited there a few years ago but it’s where I dream of returning one day. I was lucky enough to stay over night on this fabulous paradise just off the coast at Cairns. You don’t have to stay overnight you can go as a day visitor but it’s that magical early morning or late afternoon serenity when its just the overnighters there which allows you to fully engage with what the island has to offer. With snorkels provided in every room and coral as you step into the ocean, its a fish paradise waiting to be explored. There are plenty of rangers about to educate visitors about sustainability and what to expect. You can walk a circuit of the island and enjoy the fabulous food on offer. ….or just simply relax on those heavenly white sands.

Where is your dream beach?

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