BBQ Dinner on a Irrawaddy Sandbank with a Sanctuary Retreat Cruise

163A14F1-BD3A-420A-8893-A7898F3043A4.jpegThe Irrawaddy is at its lowest during April as the weather has been hot and dry for some months…in fact when I was there it reached a staggering 102F. With the water low the sand bars and river banks are revealed and on day three of The Grey Traveller’s Irrawaddy River Cruise we were invited to a BBQ dinner by the crew on one of these sand banks.

The crew had painstakingly taken by ferry all the equipment needed to set up such a grand affair. We were led by candlelight to tables in the dark and AB the cruise director told us about the food. With a range of salad starters and skewered chicken, pork or beef followed by any choice of fish or meat, any combination of vegetables and noodles allD969DCBB-BD76-4960-B103-C275F386036D cooked by Executive Chef Sumet with either mild, medium or hot spices to order…..and of course followed by the obligatory mouth watering desserts and cheese….it was a menu fit for a sultan.

A ferry was needed as the cruise ship can not get close to the sand bars, we were fascinated by the men on the boat sticking long poles in the water to test the depth and we can not thank them enough for putting on this dining experience when we know how long it takes to organise. Thank you once again Sanctuary.

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