Nyaung district in Bagan,Myanmar


On a cruise down the mighty Irrawaddy I found myself in Nyaung – U a district of Bagan. The market there was enticing as I smelt all types of spices before I had even entered. The market seemed to be mainly operated by women selling dried fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, clothing and sweets and often accompanied by their children sitting patiently at their feet. We were offered all types of goods but once we had said ‘no thank you’ the vendors were not pushy.

Most of the market was under cover but outside sat against the walls were some other market vendors selling much the same type of goods but they didn’t have to pay a fee for being on the inside. It’s quite difficult to wander around as the alleyways are narrow and tight and vendors are shifting their wares around but it’s definitely worth a look.

409C9296-4565-40A7-843C-ED5B1D9EA1E5Close to this area are the Shwezigon and Sulamani Pagodas and we traveled between the two on a local horse cart. The drivers were patient and stopped if a temple took your fancy to photograph.

We were given some gold leaf by the cruise ship and we got the opportunity to lay it on one of the buddhas and make a wish. Here are a few of my favourite photographs of the area.

2 thoughts on “Nyaung district in Bagan,Myanmar

  1. Amazing photos. We always love the local markets to get an authentic local experience ( and buy a few things to support the locals)

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