What type of packer are you?

What type of packer are you?C622C434-D3F5-4635-A2FD-70CBD6F27BE0

  • Last minute packer – shove everything and hope for the best? Nothing matches, might not be clean and definitely not ironed.
  • Early packer – lay clothes out in spare room several weeks pre travelling and carefully match outfits to flip flops. A  complicated outfit for every occasion.
  • Every thing but the kitchen sink packer – always having to pay for excess baggage but doesn’t use half of it when travelling.
  • Carry on only packer – just a backpack, minimalist look, nothing superfluous to requirements is taken.
  • Flash packer – fancy design brand suitcase, travelling with matching hand luggage.
  • Budget packer – trying to avoid excess baggage costs, so wearing several layers, has a backpack, a hand bag and lap top with socks and knickers trailing from every pocket.
  • Or all of the above, let me know!

10 thoughts on “What type of packer are you?

  1. I am a pre-packers. Gym bag, hiking bag, and snowboarder bag… prepacked and ready. The pack of pride is the writer pack… computer, note pads, pens (blue and red), can just grab it and go to nearest coffee shop. Great post Grey Traveller! It is a great slice of life to see how we all prepare for adventure.

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  2. We’re absolutely all of the above. Very organised and pre-planning for most of the suitcase-stuff but last minute for the extras and necessities but really last minute for the odd items like toothbrushes, iPad, undies etc. Complete mix but we’re pretty good now as we pack and unpack every few days.

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