Sunset at U Bein bridge near Mandalay

4D131DAD-9CE9-4BB0-A2DF-6A0AE26D8F4BOn the first day of The Grey Traveller’s trip on the Ananda cruise ship (Sanctuary Retreats) we explored Sagaing and Amarapura south of Mandalay. We had seen  Sagaing and its beautiful temple and visited a monastic school. With monsoon season fast approaching the heat was fairly intense so when our wonderful guide Khin Nyein Thu brought us to the cooler air of Taung Tha Man Lake we were delighted to see an extremely long wooden bridge reminiscent of many photos I have seen of Myanmar.


The sun was beginning to drop and we had the choice of walking the 2km bridge or watching the sun set whilst sitting on the lake in a brightly coloured boat. He who likes to think he is obeyed and I chose the latter. A strong armed dad and his eight year old son took it in turns to row us across the lake until we had that perfect view.  We were sprayed with Moskito Guard and just sat back to enjoy.

It was a busy evening as it was Saturday and the school holidays so locals were out in force doing just as we travellers do, jaw drop and suspend belief as the scene in front of us revealed itself.  The sun set behind the bridge darkening the bridge walkers and sparkling the water.


As if that wasn’t enough Khin brought us some champagne and we raised a glass as the sun slipped into the lake behind us. An end to a perfect day and a great start to life close to the great Irrawaddy.

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