Mandalay to Bagan to Mandalay ~ A Sanctuary Retreats cruise itinerary.

57F76B5F-3116-4F3B-8320-4746BF210589My opinion might be skewed or biased but this itinerary was carefully thought out and planned by Sanctuary to meet the needs and desires of  The Grey Traveller and others aboard the Ananda. It was seven days of sheer bliss, education and exploration made possible both by Sanctuary and Khin Nyein Thu – our fantastic Myanmar guide.  This is the itinerary which we followed, obviously as a guest aboard the ship you are not obliged to take up every excursion or entertainment offered (we certainly didn’t) and your guide will be flexible. We embarked at Gaw Wein Jetty in Mandalay on the Irrawaddy River.

Day 1 Sagaing, Soon U Ponya Shin Pagoda, Monastic Orphanage School, Amarapura Textile Workshops and sunset at U Bein Bridge.

Day 2 Sin Kyun Village supported by Sanctuary.

D969DCBB-BD76-4960-B103-C275F386036DDay 3 Cooking demonstration by Executive Chef Sumet, Tan Chi Taung Mountain, views over Bagan Plain, display of Elephant dance by locals. BBQ Dinner on a sandbank.

Day 4 Nyaung U and Bagan, Shwezigon Pagoda and horse cart ride to Sulamani Pagoda. Ananda temple, Lacquerware workshop  and sunset views of Bagan Plain.

Day 5 Local village, walk on plains, Bagan Tower.

Day 6 Parasol shop and local temple.

Day 7 Mandalay Gold Leaf workshop, casting factory and Mandalay Hill. 




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