Bagan Plains photoblog.

29CBB57A-F7F8-449B-ABC3-2BA73C1B6A2DThis was probably the highlight of a Mandalay to Bagan   Irrawaddy River Cruise for me. My first introduction to the plains was by horse and cart, this is a great way to get up close and personal with the temples. Our local guide Khin Nyein Thu had organised this for us and it was a great way to get from one temple to another.

The driver of the cart was especially patient as he stopped when we wanted to take a photograph of these beautiful brick stupas. We moved between Shwezigon Pagoda and Sulamani Pagoda.. …..We also saw the plains at sunset from a small hill and the next day from Bagan Tower, so lots of photo opportunities.

At sunset you will see tourist police, they are making sure that no one climbs the stupas as some are very unsafe following the 2015 earthquake. It’s great to see that work is in place for several to be renovated and make safe as this is a culture and history that I would not want to see lost.

Here are a few of my favourite photos.

9 thoughts on “Bagan Plains photoblog.

    1. Burma had been on the ‘list’ for a long time. I’m not really a list person but Burma was there. Whilst I’ve only scratched the surface I feel I’ve done Burma and feel there are other places to see. I’ve been to Vietnam twice and still want to see much more of the country. We really like south east Asia , love the culture, love the kindness of its people etc. It seems wrong to say I’ve done Burma but you probably know what I mean .

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      1. I do know what you mean. Sometimes you visit somewhere, enjoy it, but know that you won;t go back for some reason. Other places get under your skin don’t they?

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