Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Terminal 2 Heathrow


Flying Business Class with EVA Air entitled me to a lounge pass at Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge in Heathrow’s terminal 2.

My flight was late evening so I guess most of the flights occur earlier in the day so this traveller was sharing the lounge with just six other people so a win win situation for me. Subdued lighting, calming colours and attentive staff meant that it was a restful start to a long haul journey east.

There were comfortable seats next to floor to ceiling windows and a great choice of newspapers and magazines, I particularly enjoyed Air Canada’s En Route magazine.

With a wide choice of both hot and cold food I was spoilt but ended up choosing the chicken in a maple BBQ sauce, a first for me and hopefully not the last. The bar person served a very nice Canadian Gin (Ungava) and tonic so what more could a Grey Traveller want?

Yes I will be flying Air Canada again if only airport side.


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