My favourite place on Sanctuary’s Ananda cruise ship sailing the Irrawaddy.

E9FD3FBD-9114-4FAA-BB5C-3EB48A6973B3My favourite place on the luxury Sanctuary Retreats Ananda cruise ship was our personal balcony, there is nothing better than being able to observe river life on the Irrawaddy than just sitting back and quite literally letting the world go by. With an unopened book and a glass of the local wine you can glide down the Irrawaddy without a care in the world.1EE96785-2AD4-4AF9-AEFB-A8799754A381

We were lucky enough to see the sun set and the sun rise, see locals ferry their animal feed across the water, watch children play and mother’s wash their clothes at the  Gaw Wein Jetty

On the river banks we could see shiny temple stupas, huge buddhas and all types of boat carrying cargo up and down the river. Always a smile and a wave. Take me back there Sanctuary

4 thoughts on “My favourite place on Sanctuary’s Ananda cruise ship sailing the Irrawaddy.

  1. What a lovely picture you paint with words. My husband and I are in Quarteria, Portugal. I love traveling, but on this trip I have discovered that I am not suited for long-term travel, like staying for months in one place. There is so much of the world yet to explore that staying in one place seems redundant. I am looking forward to reading your previous posts and learning. We learned some things the hard way this trip and need to do more research before trips. Your blog is a good place to start. Also, I think that after 11 to 21 days, I am ready to see family.

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