Favourite spots on the Viking Sky cruise ship.

Somebody asked what was my favourite place on the Viking Sky cruise ship…….well I can’t narrow it down to one as I have two favourite places and they are …….

The Explorer Bar – maybe it’s the geographer and traveller within me but I loved this bar.  On one of the higher decks with a telescope just asking to be used to get the best views ever. I loved the fact that there was a huge globe to twirl and an on screen map to show the route of the current cruise. But best of all were the squashy cosy chairs and  the furs spread over the backs of couches that just made me want to curl up with one of their vast array of books and a gin and tonic.





The Winter garden – Nordic inspired right across the ship but this little piece of Scandi paradise is the icing on the cake with cool sleek pine furnishings and the signature crisp cushions.  I can see why our host Shehnaz saved this gem to last. Anyone for afternoon tea? well here is where you get to sip your tea, chink your china and relax.

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