Khin Nyein Thu – our fantastic Myanmar guide

b38891ed-0705-4d47-af8c-59d8a81dc9ba.jpegI have enthused previously about the importance of having the right guide on a trip to a new destination. Khin was our guide as we travelled down the Irrawaddy with   Sanctuary We had set sail fromGaw Wein Jetty in Mandalay ……..and our first explore ashore was with Khin. Khin is a knowledgeable young lady, university educated and very friendly, I can see why Sanctuary selected her to be one of their small group guides. When I say small group I mean eight people although I was in a group of just two.

A travel experience can be made that extra special if you have a personal guide who can pick up on your preferences. She is a fabulous free lance guide and there is nothing she doesn’t know about the history, culture, religion and current affairs of Myanmar. She has excellent language skills.

Khin is from Amarpura which is near Mandalay, she is twenty eight and lives with her family who run a textile cottage industry. She majored in English literature and then trained as a tour guide. She love travelling and her says her family call her Sue Sue which means ‘nosy’ as she loves chatting to people and getting to know her guests.

I can not recommend her enough and I know fellow passengers felt the same . She made each excursion from the boat personal and memorable, answering all our questions with incredible patience. Happy to tell us about anything from local industry and modern life to the history of the Bagan temples. She really knows everything, she is self employed and can be contacted on if you want to hire her or ask questions, she is happy to explore anywhere in Myanmar. Her dream is to establish her own travel or educative business one day…..she is clearly proud of her lovely country and I hope she realises her dreams.


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