Gaw Wein Jetty in Mandalay

DC05EF25-06FF-49B1-8685-2473DCAD0087What a colourful place Gaw Wein Jetty is, I embarked Sanctuary Ananda in Mandalay on a Saturday so this coincided with washing day! Two ladies took our heavy suitcases and promptly raised them above their heads and carried them aboard the ship not blinking an eyelid as they crossed a makeshift gang plank to the luxury ship which would be our home for a week.

The Irrawaddy is at its lowest at this time of the year (April) as the region in Myanmar awaits monsoon season, the temperatures had risen to 102 degrees so the banks of the river are very much in evidence. It’s here at the jetty that makeshift washing lines are strung and washing is done at the water’s edge. Mother’s wash as children play in the shallow water and the men…well they seem to sit under the trees and watch.

What a great introduction to river life as I started my trip southwards to the wondrous Bagan plains.

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