24 reasons to cruise with Viking UK on Viking Sky

D55C2DE3-7DF0-4875-812A-9CE3FA4A8BFBI got the chance to look round the Viking Sky recently and it blew my mind, I am a sea cruise virgin and I believe I won’t be for much longer, here are twenty four reasons why…..

  1. This is a new ship just over one year old so it’s up-to-date modern and stylish, it’s very now.
  2. As sea cruise ships go it’s small, it can look after just over 900 people, so if like me you are a ‘cruise virgin’ this would be a good place to start dipping your cruise ship toes.
  3. Every cabin has a balcony, Viking doesn’t believe in inside cabins, that means everyone gets to see the views as you glide into foreign ports.
  4. Beer, soft drinks and wine are included at meal times.
  5. Tips are included so you know exactly how much you will be spending on your holiday.
  6. The décor is Nordic inspired which makes for clean lines and crisp patterns and contributes to the serene and calming ambience of the interior. The relaxed feel is very noticeable the minute you climb on board.
  7. You can download an app and learn about the art on board the ship. The art is entertainment in itself, something to look at round every corner.
  8. The spa has a snow room…. yes you read right a snow room!!!!59B0364A-713C-411B-BB25-6A0161650483
  9. The swimming pool has a retractable roof which rolls back when the sun is out.
  10. The ship is scrupulously clean.
  11. After dinner there is music and theatre entertainment.
  12. Food is available 24/7, if you don’t want to leave the cabin you can order room service. Food choices are extensive, you will find it hard to resist.
  13. Choice of style of restaurants to eat in.
  14. There is gym to work off some of those extra calories!
  15. Shops for your personal needs and souvenirs.
  16. There are talks available about destinations that you are visiting.
  17. Tours are included.
  18. Inside the cabin is a personal audio receiver which allows you to hear the commentary on the excursions.
  19. ….and perhaps my favourite spot! ……..The Explorer Bar ………which has a telescope, books and chairs with cosy furry throws.
  20. In fact there are books  all round the ship which makes it a reader’s paradise.
  21. Open deck area for mini golf and other deck games.
  22. Extremely friendly staff who are helpful but not intrusive, selected for personality and then trained.
  23. I love the fact that if you are travelling alone you can ask to join a table, in fact even if not alone you can ask to join others……. love that idea!
  24. On board launderettes available……. well you do need clean clothes at sea!

I think this girl has turned! A sea cruise looks likely on the travel horizon, watch this space!

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