14 reasons to choose Business Class with EVA Air


There is no doubt about it travelling Business Class gives you a better chance of fealing radiant when you emerge the other end particularly if you are a traveller of a certain age!

I travelled between London Heathrow Terminal 2 and Bangkok

  • Often cheaper than other airlines.
  • Dedicated check in area at Terminal 2 Heathrow making check in fast and seamless.
  • Fast Lane through security.
  • Choice of two lounges by gate B44, Air Canada Maple Leaf and Singapore Airlines
  • Business Class called first to board.
  • Cosy pod like area with lie flat bed, easy to manipulate, plenty of storage space.
  • Thunder earphones.
  • Cute amenities bag in the shape of a suitcase with socks, moisture creams, eye pad, toothbrush and paste.
  • Attentive staff.
  • Choice of good quality food and drink.
  • Duvet style blanket.
  • Complimentary pyjamas.
  • Fast Lane embarking at Bangkok for fast transmission through passport control.
  • Luggage first off the aircraft.

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